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Google Maps 2.0.3 for BlackBerry (and other platforms) launches

The Google Maps application on my BlackBerry 8700g (yeah it’s not very en Vogue, but I still find the iPhone an unpractical-for-business toy) asked me to upgrade the Google Maps application today, and I was pleasantly surprised with what the update had to offer.

The new cool features are, except from a slicker interface, as far as I can gather ‘Google Maps with My Location‘ – a pseudo GPS by triangulation feature as first seen in GMaps on the iPhone, traffic information hopefully including more corners of the globe and real GPS over Bluetooth if you have a separate Blutetooth enabled external GPS device.

I’ve tested the GPS over Bluetooth function with a I-Blue 747 GPS receiver / logger and can confirm that it works like a charm, placing me accurately with traveling direction showing.

Looking sweet to me at the moment. Let me know how you’ve fared with the new Google Maps app and leave a comment.

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Plone Conference 2008 venue and dates

It’s now official where and when the Plone Conference 2008 will be held. The winner is Washington DC and the dates are October 8 – 10 preceded by two days of Plone training sessions, and followed by 2-3 days of sprinting.

Congratulations to Alex Clark and the ZPUGDC!

Plone in Trier

I’d like to openly disclose that I voted for the DC proposal, although it would have been more convenient for me personally to attend a conference in Europe. My vote this year was for a change of continent.

I hope I will be able to attend and see you there!


flickr now supports videos – 90 seconds / 150 MB

What many of us have been waiting for is finally here. has finally added video sharing features. At this point, the video features are only available to pro subscribers (paying customers).

The new video service looks highly integrated and it is a snap to use. Personally, I’m comfortable with the 90 seconds and/or 150MB limit – at this point in time. So far I find the compression, audio and colour quality very, very good. All in all a very nice addition to an already great service.

To try out this new service, I’ve uploaded the last minute penalty shot and goal for 1.FC Köln vs Gladbach.

It looked like 1.FC Köln was set to lose the match, but thankfully the game ended 1:1 with the equalizing penalty in the 90th minute.