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On NEXT Cologne Q4 2012

So we successfully brought Startup Weekend NEXT to Cologne! Here’s a little update on how that turned out.

Startup Weekend NEXT is an intensive three week educational program to help more startups survive by having the startup teams getting out of the building and into the real world applying customer development and business model generation to help validate their startup idea and find their product-market fit.

Teams, organizers and coaches hard at work

SW NEXT Q4 2012
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Made it to the Nordic Startup Awards Finals in Copenhagen

Watch the speaking hands - Pitching on stage at the Nordic Startup Awards Finals, Copenhagen

Watch the speaking hands – Pitching on stage at the Nordic Startup Awards Finals, Copenhagen

No rest for the wicked. I recently pitched 3 stages in 3 countries in 3 days. From Cologne, to Paris and LeWeb to Copenhagen. And to get there for free directly from Paris and LeWeb – I simply hitched a ride back with the Danish Startupbus. What drives down must drive up again.

As my startup getGauss.com already won the People’s Choice for best startup at the Norwegian Startup Awards, I was invited to the Nordic finals in Copenhagen to compete for the Nordic awards.

The view from the stage

The view from the stage

Look ma, I'm being interviewed on TV

Look ma, I’m being interviewed on TV

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From Startupbus Germany to LeWeb Paris

I recently was asked to help Startupbus out with arranging their local stop in Cologne on their way from Berlin to LeWeb in Paris. And as I couldn’t say no to a free ride to LeWeb, I somehow ended up on the bus as a participant too.

“StartupBus is an annual technological startup competition, described as a Hackathon, created by Elias Bizannes in February 2010. The competition is held across a 3-day bus ride where contestants or “buspreneurs” compete to conceive the best technology startup. The competition seeks to attract young top talents to compete, to search for the most innovative startup conceived by the groups, where the winners are determined by a panel of judges. Starting from February 2011, it has gone through many iterations in various continents from 2011 to 2015, with the first in Austin,Texas and subsequently in North America, Europe and Africa.” – Wikipedia

As I was in the Netherlands holding a talk, I couldn’t be in Berlin for the kick-off, but I skyped a pitch in for my idea, basically a rehash of what I’d previously won with at Startup Weekend Amsterdam.

Phoning it in - Literally.

Phoning it in – Literally.

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