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Going back to the epic Startup Weekend Amsterdam

This weekend I was invited to coach the participants by my organizing friends behind the legendary Startup Weekend Amsterdam, SWAMS. And what an EPIC weekend it was – once again!


For me this represents a full circle of sorts, as Startup Weekend Amsterdam was the first SW I ever participated at.

Back then in 2012 I wanted to bring Startup Weekend to my town of Cologne, so I participated (a requirement to become an organizer) at SWAMS (as it came highly recommended as one of the best SWs in Europe) to become an organizer myself.

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Featured in “Die Welt”

So it turns out there was a journalist from “Die Welt” at my recent talk at FuckUp Nights Duesseldorf and here’s the resulting piece.


On a side note, we need to keep educating journalists on the difference between “Existenzgr├╝ndung” (lifestyle business founder and freelancers mostly exchanging their hours for money) and startup founders. One doesn’t equal the other.

That the journalist writes I had a “Karriereknick” (career bend, in the negative sense) also goes to show that they have little knowledge of the world of startups. I’m a startup founder. Risk of failure is assumed as real. Not an office hero, chasing the 9-5 career. One does not equal the other. The failure I spoke of was harsh, but it was the best learning experience I’ve ever had so far. If anything, it was a career bend in the positive sense upwards and onwards.

And I was wearing a OnePiece Onesie, not a track suit. Let’s get that straight too. :)