On Digital Marketing

I found this presentation from 2011 in my digital drawers and thought I’d share it with you as it seems to be still relevant – even after these years.

It was originally commissioned by a customer, an agency, who wanted a primer on data driven digital marketing. I have redacted the customer-specific details but without removing much of the content, if at all.

Perhaps you’ll find something useful in it. Either for your agency, your customers or your corporation. Let me know what you think.

Do you want to book me too? Shoot me an email at [email protected] and let’s talk.

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Introducing +A RECRUITMENT


I’m currently at the arrrrrsome 4th European Pirate Summit in Cologne, and upon arriving there yesterday and within three hours, I had received three job requests from devs and entrepreneurs and one company told me they were searching for a talent to fill a new developer outreach position.

So that got me thinking, because I keep getting these kinds of requests all the time. Not a week goes by where I don’t get at least three or four asks from either people or companies.

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Where are we now? A message from the present.

This post is from the present me in response to the recent automated message in a bottle from last year. Thank you for the heartwarming responses, and remember – that message was FROM LAST YEAR. This one is from the present.

Hello world,

I’m doing surprisingly well.

Today is July 2014, and I find myself at the end of my regular free open office hours at Startplatz in Cologne, reflecting on what happened in the year since I wrote a message to my future self from Silicon Valley.

Today, I should be happy.  And grateful.

Yes. One year later and still here.

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Where do we go from here? A message in a bottle.

This is a message to my future self. I’ve set this post to automatically publish one year from now in the hope it will find us both in better times.

Hello world,

I’m not doing so well.

Today is June 19th 2013 and I’m sitting poolside in a fancy neighborhood in Atherton, Silicon Valley. It’s 7am and I’m about to pedal down to Stanford University for another day of lectures with Steve Blank and Jerry Engel.

I should be happy. And in some ways I am.


This is where I’m staying: The Blackbox Mansion in Atherton, Silicon Valley. I’m writing this from the table center left.

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